Stonroy Tile Installation Expert

Stonroy tile installation expert that specializes in installing and repairing tile for walls, backsplashes, showers, floors, fireplaces etc. We work in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and sitting rooms for homes and businesses owners. Committed, expert tile installation providing exceptional quality and service for small and large residential and commercial tile projects.

Stonroy can work with all types of tile including ceramic, marble, porcelain, glass, and natural stone. And can assist with the selection of materials and the design of your project. We can help with layout, color selection, patterns, and grout selection. Stonroy expertise have experience installing tile of all kinds for both residential and commercial clients.

Successfully completed projects later, developed a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and unwavering excellence in workmanship. Stonroy is committed to client satisfaction and dedicated to producing high-quality work from each tile installation expertise.

  • Stonroy can do tile work for complete remodels, tile repairs, custom designs, or small updates to improve a space.
  • Stonroy can bring years of experience, skill and reliability to your tile installation and tile repair projects.
  • Stonroy work's directly with contractors and homeowners to meet individual customer needs.
  • Stonroy offers expert installation of a wide variety of materials including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble and granite etc.

Stonroy have always been passionate about setting tile the right way! Tile if installed correctly can last for many years. When tile fails or leaks occur, it is usually not due to the tile itself but due to improper installation. Stonroy proudly served residential customers and commercial clients for many years, because we love what we do and we make sure our jobs are done right and accordingly. Stonroy expertise and proficiency with experience can provide in setting wide variety of  tile marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, slate, river rock, travertine, and many others.

Thorough planner and extremely organized! Steve and his crew are very respectful of the customer's home and needs. He pays great attention to detail and finished in a timely manner! We get so many compliments on the flow and the placement of our tiles (floors and backsplash).

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