Wall Tiles

The Stonroy expertise of wall tile installation never wastes product and saves money on the installation by knowing the very best tiles for wall tile installation. Adding accent is a good idea for any home and business tile installation project, this flair comes from professional wall tile installation.

Tiled exterior and interior walls make a powerful first impression. A well-executed wall tile installation can beckon customers to a business, to a home or finish off a patio or garden.

Whether remodeling an existing exterior wall installation or starting from scratch to finish, thorough process of preparation is key. A variety of firm substrates – including backer board or concrete – can be used.

Indoor spaces consist of walls where only dreams limit the effects possible. A great looking wall tile installation job takes more than just picking beautiful tile. Preparation, planning and using the reliable products for the job are what separate good installs from successful great installs. Remember, tile is for the long haul.

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